Andrew and Daleen Nimick 4/3/16





A wonderful time was had as we celebrated our first Speaker Series of the year for the Moon Township Historical Society last night starring Andrew and Daleen Nimick. The event took place in Robin Hill Park’s Nimick mansion, and it was great to hear such wonderful first-hand accounts of life there, from Andrew, recalling holidays past at his Grandparents’ 52- acre home that was donated to Moon Township decades ago.

By: Milana (Mim) Karlo Bizic




Thank you to all for attending the wonderful evening last night, and a special “Thank you!” to our guest presenters, Andrew and Daleen Nimick. How grateful we are to Amy Ottaviani, for suggesting them to head our first Speaker Series of the 2016  year.


Daleen and Andrew created such a warm atmosphere for the meeting as we smelled delicious bread cooking in the kitchen, viewed many photos in albums along with genealogy charts, saw a lovely slide presentation, and played musical trivia games like the grandchildren gathered home for the holidays in the home did.


We enjoyed listening to the EXTREMELY talented Andrew Nimick as he took us on an imaginary journey in time through each room of the house. We could almost “hear” the children’s laughter and their parents’/grandparents’ joy.


Andrew and Daleen are co-founders of Global Networks of Independent Missions, Inc. and just recently successfully helped raised money for a much-needed Trauma Center in India.


It was a delightful evening of learning and beautiful fellowship.