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2024 Speaker presentations


Monday April 8th: tim killmeyer – time travel takes time: how to research local history and where to begin


Monday June 10th: judy sutton, h.j. heinz history center – trailblazing women of western pennsylvania


Monday August 12th: brady crytzer, author and historian – the national road: ameriva’s first way west


Monday October 14th: carleton young – voices from the attic: the williamstown boys in the civil war


Our Programs are Held at 6:30pm in the Moon Township Municipal Building – 1000 Beaver Grade RD



The Friends of Old Economy Village have encountered some hard times due to their closure for the pandemic. They have started a fundraising campaign to “Fill the Vault.” If you are interested in helping this museum and longstanding piece of local history keep their doors open, we encourage you to visit their Facebook page or their Fundraising page. The links to both are below.


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Our Mission

The Moon Township Historical Society is a local, community-based non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation, preservation, research, and education concerning Moon Township history.
We are dedicated to preserving and encouraging community interest in the history of Moon Township, Pennsylvania. We seek to ensure that present and future generations can share in our heritage.


We seek to expand interest in local history by presenting programs of historical significance.


We seek to be a resource for local history education.


We seek to encourage that historical information be made available to news media, publications, the internet, and the general public.


We seek to educate the public on the importance of the preservation and protection of buildings and historical sites of interest.


Moon Township History Preserved

Coventry Log Cabin


The log cabin was built in 1825, about 12 miles southwest of its present location.


It was home for John Coventry, a Revolutionary War Veteran, a farmer, and a weaver.  He and his family lived in the cabin for 50 years  before it became home to the Doehre family for three more generations.


When abandoned around 1975, the log cabin was acquired by the (Old) Moon Township Historical Society. It was disassembled and every log was tagged.  The pieces of the cabin were hauled to Robin Hill Park, where after eight years of repair and rebuild by numerous volunteers, in was dedicated to Moon Parks on August 28, 1983.


Come visit the Coventry Log Cabin in Robin Hill Park to access the wealth of information  about John Coventry and the Log cabin.

Robin Hill PArk


Located at 949 Thorn Run Road, Moon Tszp.


When Mary Nimick died, she desired that her 24 room home and 53 acre estate remain intact and as a “Nature Lover’s” oasis, so she left the property to Moon Township when she passed away in 1971.   The beautiful home was built in the early 1920’s by Francis and Mary Nimick.  Francis Nimick was a banker, and the couple had six children who lived in the home.  Mrs. Nimick was born in 1893.

Dr. robert a. Jockers Repository



In honor of Dr. Jockers’ many contributions to preserving the history of Moon Township, the board of directors approved the request of the Old Moon Township Historical Society to dedicate the new historical records room at the township municipal building as the Dr. Robert A. Jockers Historical Research Repository.


The establishment of the history room coincides with the celebration of Moon Township’s 225th anniversary. The township is asking residents, both past and present, to share their favorite stories and memories of people, and places, and how the township has changed through the years.


With the establishment of the new Dr. Robert A. Jockers Historical Research Repository, Moon Township will have a special place where residents past and present are encouraged going forward to share their memories, their memorabilia, and their stories for present and future generations.