Visit to Meadowcroft with Dr. James Adovasio, 6/27/2015







Meadowcroft Rock Shelter  and Historic Village in association with the Smithsonian Institute, 401 Meadowcroft Road, Avella, PA  15312




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A few members of the Moon Township Historical Society had visited Meadowcroft Village only the year before, but upon hearing that Dr. James Adovasio, Ph.D, archaeologist of international acclaim since the excavation of the site in 1973 would be coming to speak at the Smithsonian affiliated site on June 27, 2015, Patty Zerishnek, MTHS Secretary, took it upon herself to help lead another trip to Avella, PA, in order for more MTHS members to have a chance to hear a first-hand account of the fascinating story of what we now know as the oldest continuous habitation site in North America.  Everyone who participated agreed it was a marvelous chance to  view/hear history from the most knowledgeable expert who has impacted the lives of so many!




Mim Bizic, MTHS web site originator, was proud to share the fact that her son, Nick Bizic, along with fellow student, Robert Kluz, both students in Quaker Valley School District’s Gifted program at the time, were selected by the Governor’s School of Pennsylvania to work with Dr. James Adovasio in their sophomore, junior and senior years, which would have been in the Fall, 1985-to Spring, 1988 years, under the direction of the Dr. Adovasio and the University of Pittsburgh.  One day each school month, the two traveled to Pitt and the shelter instead of attending a regular school day. Nick utilized his early computer skills to input data, and Robert used his artistic talent to draw images of what was discovered as it happened.  Mim says, “They were an exciting part of Meadowcroft’s History!”


And Dr. Adovasio said he was always so grateful for the help of ALL his interns, some of them working EVERY day, 10-12 hrs. per day!