Jeffrey Snedden, 8/6/17




Jeffrey Snedden from the Beaver County Times was our speaker for this evening!  Many of us were already familiar with Jeffrey’s wonderful “Histories and Mysteries” weekly feature focusing on the history of Beaver County.  But it was a real treat to see some of the MANY historical photographs that Jeffrey has amassed in his career as a prominent historian of the Beaver Valley and more.


The Geneva College graduate, now living in Hopewell Township, has given over 50 popular presentations over the last 5 years in the Greater Pittsburgh area and we were lucky to be amongst those who have learned much from Jeffrey.

He has created over 40 video series on Beaver County called “History in a Minute.”


Jeffrey’s presentation will be a “Photo History of Beaver County” with over 350 historic photos, but special emphasis will be given to Moon Township, which at one time extended far further into what is Beaver County now at one time. Join us for an evening of fun with the “Historical Writer and Head of the Intellectual Curiosity Department from Aliquippa, PA!”


It was exciting to hear Jeffrey talk more about the J&L Steel Mills and the islands they purchased for recreational playgrounds for their employees.  THREE times the owners gave out free seeds to their workers for gardens to be planted.  In both World Wars, these were called VICTORY Gardens, but during the Depression, they were called LIBERTY Gardens!


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Here’s a great website for old maps of Moon Township and Coraopolis.


And here is another:













This was one of the slides Jeffrey produced showing the timeline of different periods and borders of Moon Township.