Historical Videos from MCA-TV

Patty Zerisknek, our Treasurer, with the great folks at MCA-TV. We were in the studio on Friday, March 20, 2015, to talk about the Moon Township Historical Society.

Patty Zerisknek, our Treasurer, with the great folks at MCA-TV. We were in the studio on Friday, March 20, 2015, to talk about the Moon Township Historical Society.

Another view of the many TV cameras & crew.

Another view of the many TV cameras & crew.




If  you click on the link:


http://mca-tv.org/programs/ watch.php


you will be able to watch some great TV!



Below is the list of videos made and produced by and for Moon Township Historical Society:



D-Day Conneaut has 8 videos, mostly of WWII Vets telling their stories, and several of the actual Re-enactment.


“The beach along Lake Erie was transformed back in time as more than 800 re-enactors participated in recreating the historic events of the World War II battle that occurred on the Normandy coast in early June of 1944 between the Allied and Axis armies.


“The event featured a barrage of military vehicles, two inland combat scenarios, an amphibious landing, and encampments of American, British, Canadian, French, German, and Polish forces. In the first episode, American Navy Veteran Ray Woods shares his story and is awarded the prestigious Legion of Honor Medal.”



Love Beyond Measure by Author Katie Schell, a Moon Area High School grad.  This is her parents’ story about the Korean War and a war bride.


“This memoir details the amazing life of Katie Schell’s mother, one of the first Korean women to ever live in Moon Township.  This is Ock Soon Lee’s journey as a young Korean peasant who survived unspeakable suffering.


“Orphaned at age seven and farmed out to households as a slave, Lee experienced near-starvation and capture by the North Korean Army. Yet, incredibly she survived and fell in love with an American G.I. from McKees Rocks.


“After immigration laws changed in the late 1950’s she became one of a small handful of Korean War brides to make it to the United States.


“This is a true story of incredible courage that carried Ock Soon Lee from life as a peasant in Korea to that of a proud American. It is a story of strength and love during the Korean War. It is a story you will never forget.”




“Imagine being a seven year old orphaned girl given over to another family to be their slave. Imagine being alone in this world; unwanted and unloved by anyone. Imagine being a young woman when war breaks out in your city – Seoul. This is the true story of Ock Soon Lee (Pega Crimbchin), a Korean peasant who survived some of life’s most unspeakable suffering. The war had left her near starvation and sometimes even death. Somehow while hundreds around her were killed or died during their escape, Ock Soon Lee survived. It is the story of one woman’s courage and strength, hope and love that would carry her from life as a Korean peasant to that of an American citizen. Follow her journey and the miracles she encounters as she escapes communism. This is a book you will never forget. The memoirs are written by Ock Soon Lee’s daughter, Katie Schell.”



Katie Schell and her Mom, Ock Soon Lee, were great guests on Moon' MCA-TV! They're making a difference!

Katie Schell and her Mom, Ock Soon Lee, were great guests on Moon’ MCA-TV! They’re making a difference!

Kathryn (Katie) Schell is the firstborn daughter of Ock Soon Lee and Frank Crimbchin. Katie recalls, as a very young child, the tragic stories of survival her mother would share with her. These stories would not only shape the person Katie would become, but also left an indelible mark on her heart for the suppressed and needy around her. Katie studied Nursing at Sewickley Valley School of Nursing in Sewickley, Pennsylvania and went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management at Geneva College in Pennsylvania. Katie served people with developmental disabilities for over twenty years and went on to serve the community through Nursing. Her love for her mother and the desire to share her mother’s incredible journey remained alive in her heart which culminated in the writing of these memoirs. Katie lives in Harrison City, Pennsylvania, is married to William Schell, the love of her life. Katie has two living children, Thomas Jay Dunn and Bethany Joy Friel. Katie has one son who went to be with the Lord at the young age of 19. His name was Jason Lee Dunn.



Thanking Katie Schell and Mom for helping with their new well, these beautiful Korean village school children.   Katie partners with “Women of the Wells” to help bring water to others.  So far, three have been completed (Nigeria, Cambodia, and Laos) and they’re working on another!


Moon Township’s 225th Anniversary Series

with THREE (3) videos:

“Moon Remembers,”

“The Great Estates”

and “Travel Journeys.”


Here’s a link to the TV program featuring Earl Edwards, President and presenter, Deborah Kennedy on THE GREAT ESTATES.  The program is 35 minutes long.




“The Great Estates”, written by Debby Kennedy of the Old Moon Township Historical Society, showcases the old estates of Moon Township and Coraopolis Heights.


“During the industrial days of Pittsburgh, the heavy pollution in the city caused many wealthy families to build homes in suburban areas like Moon Township and Sewickley. Wealthy businessmen bought land in the area and built summer mansions or permanent homes.


“Three of the well-known mansions are Robin Hill, the Hyeholde and Flaugherty House.


“In the program Kennedy shows pictures of these estates and shares stories of the families who built them, some of these homes are gone today. This program was originally prepared as a slideshow at a combined meeting of both the Sewickley Valley Historical Society and Old Moon Township Historical Society.”



Moon Township History Series:

3 Videos, Short topics


Tall Ships:

1 video on the MTHS visit to Erie in 2013.


“During the War of 1812, Oliver Hazard Perry of the U.S. Navy and his crew prevailed over the British fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie.


“Every year Erie celebrates Perry’s victory, our nation’s sovereignty and the enduring peace between nations at this historical maritime festival.


“The year 2013 marked the 200th anniversary of the building of Commodore Perry’s fleet in Erie, PA and his victory at the Battle of Lake Erie.


“On September 10th 2013 thousands of people gathered to watch ten visiting tall ships from Sweden, the Caribbean, Canada, the Great Lakes and both coasts of the United States parade into Presque Isle bay.


“In this show the Moon Township Historical Society President, Producer Earl Edwards, describes this monumental festival and discusses the history of the ships involved. In addition, a local sailor and model ship builder uses table-top models to teach shipping terminology and detail the different types of ships and their riggings.


“The film is beautifully accompanied by the local Coraopolis United Methodist Church Men’s Chorus’ Sea Shanties. Catch the wind in your sail and enjoy the salt breeze as we venture into Lake Erie’s beautiful waters and learn of the wonders of these historic ships.”


MCA-TV, Moon’s Community Access TV is owned and operated by the Township of Moon. It is found on Channel 14 of the Comcast Cable System, with the station designed to enable residents to communicate via television.


The primary features of the station include live and taped cablecasts of Board of Supervisors and School Board meetings along with a wide variety of  community produced programs.


Township residents are encouraged to volunteer and produce programs to air on MCA-TV!   The exciting work may include writing, directing, producing and even starring in your own programs!


The programs, produced through the MCA-TV state-of-the-art facility, may be designed to inform, educate or entertain fellow residents.     the MCA-TV staff is available to assist volunteers with their productions.


MCA-TV also provides a community bulletin board service  featuring local information and announcements.

Bulletin board forms can be downloaded via the Township website at www.moontszp.com.