Carol Semple Thompson, Queen of Golf, 4/3/17





What a wonderful evening we had April 3, 2017 at the Moon Township Historical Society’s first Speaker Series at the Moon Township Municipal Building featuring world famous golfer, The Queen of Golf, Carol Semple Thompson!


Carol had so many lovely anecdotes to share with us and everyone present was glad they came. How nice it was to see two young ladies on the Moon Area High School Golf team present too, along with their proud Moms!


So many stories! I think my favorite one was about how thieves broke into her parents home in 1980 to steal all of their silver trophies which lined one room from floor to ceiling as the whole family had championship trophies. Silver was going for $50 an ounce then. They took ALL the trophies, including Carol’s very first Second Place trophy, which was only silver plate, but which meant a lot in sentimental value. Years later, a diver was on a business mission for a company at Moraine State Park, and something caught on his thumb. It was the handle of Carol’s trophy, and we’re so glad she got it back. All the silver plate was gone after all those many years in the water, but it’s very valuable in history! “Provenance!” As the antique dealers say! None of the other trophies were ever recovered.


Carol got to meet two queens! Queen Beatrix of Sweden and Queen Elizabeth.  Carol was sharing how they had to wear long white gloves and learn how to properly curtsy, etc., but it was all worth it….


She’s one of 14 Ladies ever invited to St. Andrew’s Royal and Ancient Golf Club. Seven of the women had to be royalty, like Princess Anne of Great Britain, but Carol was thrilled to be one of the “regular” seven people invited! What an honor!


Although we heard of GOLF meaning “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden,” Carol says she sometimes uses the acronym to mean “Game of Lifetime Frustration” in jest. She has had a most successful career for 40 years.


Golf, she said,  is a mentally challenging game, where you need a lot of willpower and confidence in yourself. But it’s also a game of Honor, Stability, and Travel–visiting diverse golf courses around the world and meeting so many wonderful people.


Although Carol has had lots of titles, honors and awards, her greatest “gift” in life is her devoted husband, Dick Thompson, “the Love of my Life!”


She’s also now a Pittsburgh Historic Landmark!  (Funny Story!)


2003. Bob Jones Award–highest honor for distinguished Sportsmanship from the U.S. Golf Association.


2005- Named First Lady of Golf.


2008- Recipient of the “World Golf Hall of Fame.”



She’s immortalized at the Heinz History Center!Carol also serves as a Golf Judge now.