2016 Speaker Series

April 4, 2016:  The Nimicks



Daleen and Andrew Nimick will speak about days at the grand old estate, Robin Hill, a 53 acre wildlife preserve at 949  Thorn Run Road in Moon Township.


The property was donated to the township in the will of Mary Spencer Nimick upon her death in 1971.




You can read more about Mrs. Francis B. Nimick’s early life in this great book:  THE SPENCERS OF AMBERSON AVENUE:



Click on the link below to get a wonderful tour of Robin Hill Park’s facilities by kationic, posted on the Internet, July 2, 2013:






June 6, 2016:  George Gaadt


Our speaker on D-Day, 2016 will be the famous artist-historian-collector, George Gaadt.  The owner of George Gaadt Studio in Sewickley is a noted American artist, illustrator and portraiture painter who started his career with Hallmark, but has since worked for many nationally brand names, especially National Geographic (Pony Express Series), the HARDY BOY Book Series, the U.S. Army, and the NFL.  Talented George was personally selected by Art Rooney, Jr. to illustrate Steeler posters, part of a 25-year career with the NFL.

George will be speaking to us about WWII and Nicholas Russin’s role in it while in the Army on D-Day!  Once George gets interested in a subject, look out!  He digs and unearths the most fascinating information!  We’re going to learn such great things about what Nick Russin, (ALMOST!) just a “regular” man from Lyndora (near Butler, PA) did on D-Day 72 years ago that made a photograph of him a classic Don’t miss this one!!!



August 1:  West Hills Art League

This will be exciting too! The West Hills Art League will present a show from the Dr. Robert A. Jocker’s Repository, a number of Artworks illustrating Moon Township, Past and Present.


“To Promote Individual Growth of Its Members and Public Appreciation of the Arts”


During the presentation, Moon Artist Doug Brown will work on a piece.


” Enjoyment to me is painting watercolors on location or in my studio. My favorite subjects are local landmarks in Pennsylvania. My paintings have an interplay of light and shadow with a realistic view of my subject.”



“The West Hills Art League is home to a collective of artists, both seasoned professional and passionate beginners, residing in the areas on the western edge of beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


See a demo of the Artists Gallery here:




“The West Hills artists are as diverse in their media as they are in expressing their creative voice.  You’ll find a wide array of art ranging from traditional watercolors  & oils, to landscapes in acrylics, portraits in pastel, sculptures in clay and so much more!


“Enjoy this incredible artistic talent as you meander through the pages of our site! Our “doors” are open and the candle is always lit!  Welcome!”


The West Hills Art League  was started in 1987 and has been a jewel for Moon Township for almost 30 years.


View their website here for more information:





October 3, 2016:  Gary Adams


Many of our Moon Township residents are already familiar with that helpful Bartlett Tree guy, Gary Adams, but this time, we’re going to cash in on his other talents!


If you need his arborist advice, you can find him here at this website:




But Gary has a fascinating hobby that he’s willing to share with us, Metal Detecting!


The Jefferson Township Historical Society of Burgettstown, PA 15201 had this to say about Gary and his partner, Rob Hilt:


“Metal Detecting – A Unique Way to Save History”


will be presented by Gary Adams, and his metal detecting partner- Rob Hilt.  Both Gary and Rob have been detecting together for many years.  They have had the pleasure and opportunity to hunt many private homes dating back into the early 1800’s.  During the winter months when the ground is frozen they spend a lot of time researching potential areas to hunt.  They pride themselves on being respectful towards the owners and properties they are given permission to detect.


“They both belong to several different forums in which they are able to find new methods to research and greatly help with the identification of their finds.


“The most important principle value they both strongly believe in is the educational aspect of their hobby. They strive to teach others of their research, share their finds and most importantly they do this strictly as a hobby-nothing gets sold for profit.


“They have found significant historical pieces to include coins dating back to the 1700’s, a War of 1812 naval coat button and a prized possession of a Shako Hat Plate from the War of 1812 which will be featured in American Digger Magazine in its spring issue.


“If property owners do not want the relics they find, they proudly display them in shadow boxes. They are very excited to share their method of research, detecting techniques and their historical finds.”